Sometimes I wonder where will I be in 10 years time?

Someone successful or still the same person?

What kinda achievement will I achieve by then?

The sense of achievement is always there. With it, it makes one a better person (from my point of view).

Determination is another thing that push a person further…

Just like me a baby tortoise, I always wonder why other animal can move so fast to hunt for their desire… Yes, no doubt that I’m a slow animal but I also know that with the strong determination I would be someone successful 1 day.

There are so many things I really wanna achieve in life but you will get tired at one point and feel like giving up. We can’t set our mind like wat human did to Robots…

I feel that there is always reasons for us to work hard on something… yes, for our own benefits and own good. At this point, you maybe shouting and grumbling cos of the amount of work load, stress, tiredness etc… swear and wat so ever. Till the end of the day looking back wat we have achieved, you will feel good… okay, at least I do feel proud of myself.