After all night long doing it, now crisis happened!

Emoooo… 😦

Sigh… I really hate mistakes!

Just 1 bloody small mistake is still M.I.S.T.A.K.E.


I really hope everything will be fine till the end!

By 2pm, we’ll know!

Hang to death or penalty or Free to go?

EDIT:: Phewww… my life is safe!:)

AND i’m not emo anymore cos i had KFC for lunch!

Always ‘It’s Finger Lickin’ GOooOd!’ 😀


Sometimes I wonder where will I be in 10 years time?

Someone successful or still the same person?

What kinda achievement will I achieve by then?

The sense of achievement is always there. With it, it makes one a better person (from my point of view).

Determination is another thing that push a person further…

Just like me a baby tortoise, I always wonder why other animal can move so fast to hunt for their desire… Yes, no doubt that I’m a slow animal but I also know that with the strong determination I would be someone successful 1 day.

There are so many things I really wanna achieve in life but you will get tired at one point and feel like giving up. We can’t set our mind like wat human did to Robots…

I feel that there is always reasons for us to work hard on something… yes, for our own benefits and own good. At this point, you maybe shouting and grumbling cos of the amount of work load, stress, tiredness etc… swear and wat so ever. Till the end of the day looking back wat we have achieved, you will feel good… okay, at least I do feel proud of myself.

When I was just a lil tortoise, papa tortoise was always on my side. With his unlimited care, love and patience, I was pretty rebellious and love to take things for granted sometimes (grumble too much sometimes). As for mama tortoise, she was the scary MONSTER.

I believed that many kids will have this kinda jealousy thought. Whenever Mama tortoise treats my tortoise brothers with special attention, naturally jealousy and hatred grew in me. I always questioned myself “why can’t mama love me more?” and lots more. Years of battle and cold wars with mama tortoise, I always hope that she would stop and get tired of it.

Now, I’m glad that I was brought up in papa tortoise’s way. Since young, I was asked to do most of the things myself. Papa tortoise told me this before – “If you fall, get up again. Never look down yourself. which is still fresh in mind. I may not be as brave as Hercules but I’m definitely braver than many ppl.

To be Continue… Stay Tune!

Thinking back, I have few blogs which were used to express myself. All of them were kept private like a dairy (n to some ppl who are close to share with) but all deleted now cos i was too emo, full of crappy stories…plus no self-discipline to keep it updated. Now, I decided to come back and write more to keep track of my life, I should have my ancestors’ ‘never-give-up’ spirit in me. Probably 100 years later, I can still read my stories to my cucu-cicit kura kura again.

I’m a baby tortoise now but i’m sure as time flies I’ll be a wiser tortoise.

well, we will see how long this blog will last…

See you again!