“Hey, u wanna have Char Siew Fan (de roasted honey pork) ar? Guess wat I’m having now?” Suan msn-ed me.

“……Char Siew Fan from Aman Suria?”

“Hello, hey do u wanna have Aman Suria’s Char Siew Fan??” I asked Suan.

Later on that weekend….

“Wanna go have Char Siew Fan this weekend?” I asked:D

“Oh no, we just had it just now when u were busy at work.” Suan replied with an evil laugh. 😦


That was 3 weeks before I was craving for Char Siew Fan from Aman Suria but I just can’t get it until Tuesday when my colleagues went out for lunch at Jalan Alor…I didn’t follow cos was packed up with too much work. I was pretty stressed out with the work in hand and I missed out the chance for some good food… 😦 Boohoo…

Anyway, my colleague, Jimmy, came back with a pack of Jalan Alor Char Siew Fan. Knowing that I can eat a lot and I love food, not only he got me the juicy Char Siew but “Pak Cam Kai” de white steamed chicken. It’s just me whenever I see food, I smile! 😀 It’s also a treat from Mr. Jimmy… I offered to pay but he said is ok, he will treat me! Lagi syok (I’m even more HAPPY) !!! 😀

Ya, I know there is no picture here but I really wanted to upload these pictures I took with my phone (since Tuesday!) but probably I’m just noob (or like Kim said kura-kura aka baby tortoise is bit slow… Give me some time, I’ll try to ask around 😀

Update again lor later… with pictures… Don’t emo emo! 😀

P/S: I actually wrote this post on Wednesday.. Stupid picture lo 😦

EDIT:: Here is the pictures of the yummy Jalan Alor’s Char Siew + Steamed Chicken Rice!!